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Handwriting Analysis of Jane Austen

Jane Austen, well-loved author of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and others, has beautiful and unique writing that reveals much about her personality.

1. Rightward Slant- Miss Austen noticeably slants to the right in her cursive. This is normal for people of highly expresive natures. She shows her emotions, feels comfortable expressing herself, and demonstrates compassion. She easily sympathizes with others.

2. Desire for Culture- The lower case 'd' (as in 'Friday' at the top of the letter ) that ends with a stroke high and to the left instead of returning to the baseline indicates a love for elegance, high art, fine dining, literature, and music.

3.Enthusiasm- Miss Austen's long, rightward 't' - bars (as in told', 'the' and 'weather' in the first line and many following words) indicate a high level of enthusiasm, especially with regards to her interests. This is a common trait of very successful people. Those with this stroke are future- oriented and driven.

4.Independence- Though I said above that Miss Austen likes people and relates well to them, she also has an independent streak that shows up in her 'y's that end in a straight stroke below the baseline but do not veer out toward the left (as in 'Friday' and 'My' at the top)-. People with this stroke prefer to get things done on their own, to not need anyone and not be needed in return. They also do not mind spending time alone and have a need to be away from people now and then. Not all of Austen's 'y's look like this, so this personality trait would likely have shown up in some situations and not others. This can be a desirable trait as it also includes a sense of determination when the 'y' is especially heavy and straight.

5. Argumentativeness- The 'p' that separates from the stem and reaches high into the middle (and even upper zone) of handwriting reveals an argumentative nature. Those with this trait might argue just for the fun of it and enjoy good verbal banter. For examples of this 'p', see 'prevent' in the second line and 'opportunity' in the last line of the firse paragraph.

6.Diplomacy- Many of Miss Austen's 'm's begin with a hump that is taller than the others. This is te sign of diplomacy, or the ability to approach even potentially sticky subjects with tact and grace. This, coupled with the fact that she writes with a rightward slant, leads me to believe that Miss Austen probably had excellent social skills and was good with people.

All this talk about Jane Austen makes me want to pick up a book!

I'm off...

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